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I feel privileged to have Sheryl to support and coach me. She provides me with so many thoughtful and kind insights that are helping me, day by day, to modify my thinking and broaden my perspectives, even under challenging circumstances. She gently and patiently helps me to stay on my path to my best and healthiest self. She is gifted and resourceful, and I am so grateful that she shares that with me. I hope to continue working with her for a very long time.
― Nina W, Nurse Consultant, Texas
My husband and I love working with Vance. He redirects us when we're off course. He checks up on us between appointments. He cares and offers sound advice. He offers the best value. He simply is the best coach!
― RR A.
Dr. Hill helped me explore my feelings around purposely having a child later in life and being a single mother. It seemed like an overwhelming undertaking, yet I didn't want to miss out on having a child just because I hadn't found my life partner yet. Dr. Hill helped me separate the real issues from the imagined ones, and move forward on my dream to have a child. I have found my courage, and have put my dreams in motion.
I just want to second the good things that Danae said about Chantelle. Are absolutely true, completely. She is the best of the best. I feel like I'm stealing at $29 / week but it's all I can afford now...
― Ron P.
If you have any illness- either physical, mental, chronic or acute- the whole spectrum, she is an ABSOLUTE GOD SEND! I was going mad with how I wasn’t coping. She messages me every day, like a personal encourager and motivator- even on the days I want to lay on the bed in fetal position and cry, and die, and ask the world why- to get the things I need done in a day, done with minimal discomfort and genuine support! She is a truly wonderful woman, with a heart of gold- and she understands, too. She doesn’t just intellectually get it. She gets it through her life experience, too. Thank you, dear Coach Joy!
― Chronic Survivor Sandara
I was privileged to to be coached and trained by Brad as part of my MOE Coaching certification, a 6 week training course. From a coaching perspective Brad gave me the safe space to think and share my ideas and thoughts. I felt engaged by him and listened to and we built a rapport straight away. I challenged him with my complex ideas which he was able to help me understand and unravel to make my goal clear and come up with achievable actions. Brad also coached outside of the course on issues relating to anxiety and insomnia. Brad helped me to approach such issues from a different angle and provided me with some tools to cope and alleviate the problem. Its safe to say that i was sleeping better after just one session.Brad is an effective communicator, fantastic listener and skilled in coaching, an NLP specialist i would highly recommend.
Katy worked with me as a coach to help me resolve some business issues. She was very effective in helping me determine a course of action and work through next steps as I navigate a complicated situation. She is a good communicator and has a way of helping to guide others to a resolution.
― Cora W.
When working with Dean I really feel deeply listened to. I leave the coaching sessions with a sense of wonder, awe, and a deeper sense of self after being heard so intently!! Its literally life changing to work with someone who helps facilitate a blossoming of my higher more capable self.
― Derek P.
"I was in an abusive relationship, unemployed, and without a place to live. Now, with Jordan's life coaching, I am employed and in a good house and I have love in my life. I am also glad to say I no longer have an addiction."
― Nicholas Pohl
Life coaching, relationship coaching, executive coaching. I work with people especially with preexisting conditions such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse and trauma histories. I have worked with at risk adolescence struggling with depression and finding their path in life.
Master's in Counseling Psychology I have experience working with people in a clinical seeing with conditions such as addictions and trauma. I understand the relationship people have between a diagnosed long term condition and how they view themselves. Experience working with adolescence. Experience working with persons trying to find their career path. Narrative approach, which is how people relate to issues in their lives, and how societal factors play a role in their development.
Dallaa has a new way to coaching. I found it really interesting that she asked me for my date of birth and any physical symptoms I was feeling on a regular basis. Through the sessions, Dallaa helped me build a new life that was in alignment with my personality hence the date of birth. She also helped me to take a look at my thought processes. I realised how harmful most of my thoughts were and through the sessions learned how to integrate new ones into my life. I highly recommend Dallaa!
― Laura .A.
I have struggled with major depression and anxiety since I was 18 years old, and I have lost count of how many times it has been absolutely debilitating and crippling. I am blessed to have met such a compassionate, supportive, and non-judgmental coach on my journey, and Michelle is one of those people. I cannot emphasize enough how she has assisted by helping me change my perspective and negative, self-destructive thinking. Michelle is empathetic and I cannot stress enough what that means to someone with my struggles. It can make all the difference in someone’s overall well-being and personal struggles. She has the capability of seeing a situation from so many angles and perspectives, and so many times she has been able to help me turn my day around by empowering me to do the same. I can also say that she has gently told me the honest truth when I am making unhealthy choices that she knows beforehand will potentially be detrimental to both my physical and mental health. There were so many moments in my life when I was at the point of giving up my dreams and goals. I firmly believe that God placed her in my life as my coach to help me along my journey. I’ll say this again, I’m not sure where I would be without her.
― HB
Law of attraction, health and wellness, relationships and communication.
With 20 years 'clean and sober', and in recovery from all other addictive behaviours and from childhood trauma, I bring much counselling experience to my coaching approach, and a strong universal spirituality. I work holistically and intuitively, and find this to be a priceless strength in getting all the results my clients are looking for - especially FEELING BETTER!
Let's see if we fit... are you a nice guy? Are you stuck in your career ? Is your relationship feeling passionless? Do you have bad boundaries? Do you have feelings of inner shame? Do you struggle with dating? (are you always in the friend zone?) Do you have dreams and goals, but no idea how to get to them? Are you constantly talking down to yourself? Are you afraid others will see and know how flawed you are? Do you entertain as a way to cover up your inner awkwardness? You might be a Nice Guy and I can help. But even if you don't check all of these boxes, I know I can help you. As a person who has had a rewarding creative and business career, I would be honored to help you achieve all your dreams.
I help nice guys become passionate men. As a No More Mr. Nice Guy coach, I have been down the road of "the nice guy" and recovered from it. I am also an experienced recovery (12 step) coach and help folks struggling with emotional sobriety. Whether your goal is the perfect life partner, a career you look forward to doing, or just to get clear on who you are and what you are about - my style of coaching will help you.
Crisis Coaching Trauma Coaching Addiction Recovery Coaching ADHD Coaching Grief & Loss Coaching Christian Life Coaching Chronic Illness & Caregiver Coaching Wellness & Stress Management Coaching
When I showed up in Cheri's life I was a mess and didn't know if I was coming or going. I was mad, sad, and insecure with myself. I didn't trust anyone or anything and didn't even know how to love the people around me, who cared for me the most. I was just getting out of jail and trying to kick all the bad habits I had picked up along the long path of drugs and crime that I had been traveling. I'm sure I was one of the biggest challenges she faced, but she never gave up on me and she always stood strong and made sure that I knew I was capable of overcoming all these challenges. Everything was happening so fast but Cheri was always there when I needed her the most. I would strongly recommend Cheri as a life coach or q counselor for anyone with life problems whether it be drugs, alcohol, depression, or any other problem in your life that seems to be dragging you down. I am now almost seven years clean and have a management position with Les Schwab. I also have a wife and three kids who I support and love with everything I have. I feel Cheri played a huge part in my success. Thanks again!
― Seth J.
Personal coaching, Business coaching, Team building, Executive coaching **Choosing a path, uncovering hidden blocks and moving past them, propulsion systems, getting clarity - and getting on with life!
Special skills in uncovering blocks and moving past them Master Practitioner - NeuroLinguisticProgramming Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist
Business and recovery
I take what I have learned in my own recovery and building successful businesses and pass it along to you!
Boundaries, Codependency, Recovery Getting "Unstuck" and Achieving Meaningful Goals
I can help you learn ways to deal with stress and anger, define your role in relationships, set healthy boundaries, and take charge of and manage your self-care. After doing my own personal work, I want to share what I learned.
Goal Setting and Management, Communication, Relationships, Anger Management, Motivation/Drive, Self-Actualization, Embracing the Suffering, Substance Abuse, Mental Illness, Caregivers, Living with Mental Illness, Family Members with Mental Illness, Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life, Career Counseling, Coping Skills, CBT, DBT, Emotion Regulation, Human Sexuality, Spirituality/ Religion, Meeting Unmet Needs, Toxic Relationships, Professional Skills, Dealing with the Prison System, Suicidal Thoughts, Finding Reasons to Live, Family Therapist, Children/ Adolescent Therapy, Stress Relief, Finding Serenity, Mindfulness and a lot more!
Trauma Recovery Coaching Spiritual Coaching Health and Wellness Coaching
Before I became a Trauma Recovery Coach I was a Victim Advocate for Harbor House of Central Florida, I was stationed at the Apopka Police Dept. for them as well. I also have time at the State Attorneys office Juvenile Court House as a Victim Advocate, I was on the Disaster Action Team for the American Red Cross and Currently on the Board of Directors for a nonprofit called Orlando Outreachers. On a personal note I run my son's Cub Scouts and I am his event coordinator for his school. Helping people and making a difference is my passion.
I really needed some help with understanding why I was always feeling so bad around my partner. Wow! Yvette The Coach really opened my eyes by educating me, providing hands on practice at communicating with my partner. We are doing so much better now. I think it is because I am better now at saying what I mean and asking for what I want! Anyway, we keep getting better thanks to Yvette The Coach. Sirella H.
― Sirella H.
Life & Addiction Recovery Coaching
With demonstrated insights into human behavior, I focus on offering an inviting and compassionate style of rapport-building blended with attentive listening and powerful questioning. My objective is to connect with people in a kind and hopeful way that cultivates non-judgmental space for growth by: - Inspiring a wellness vision, fostering unconditional positive regard and belief in a person's capacity for change, and honoring each client as an expert on his or her life. - Exploring barriers and problem-solving strategies, promoting action plans, and encouraging positive, sustainable behavioral change. - Providing client-centered, evidence-based, MI coaching interventions to thousands of participants seeking assistance with reaching their wellness goals. - Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and co-creative process that inspires them to optimize their personal and professional potential through awareness building, goal setting and accountability. * SPECIALITIES: Health and Wellness, Mindfulness, Life Transition, Healthy Relationships, Goal Setting and Accountability, Positive Parenting, Balanced Lifestyle, Stress Reduction, Mindset, Confidence.
Lisa really understands pain and trauma, without letting it dominate. She helps me face the most painful challenges with courage, strength, and humor. That’s all we can do sometimes. Also, Lisa has her feet on the ground, very pragmatic. Lisa validates my life story. She can find my gain in any negative story I tell her. She helps me see worthwhile, pragmatic meaning in what I thought was a total loss. Her readings are spot on, at a deep level. And I always leave with a better sense on how to handle that particular pain, fear or any emotion. I used to dread certain social events, always picturing what could go wrong. Now, I feel such inner peace and confidence. I can’t tell you what a change it is to look forward to meeting new people, and expecting fun rather than disappointment. I have found such unexpected freedom in other areas of my life (work, hobbies). I found that I really could afford to buy a home in a nice neighborhood (SF Bay area), even though our family income dropped 18% during 2008/2009 economic downturn. Plus, there were more initial + monthly expenses than expected. But, it all still worked out. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who really wants to transform their life into something better. Most spiritual counselors don’t deliver.
― Elizabeth Ray

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